jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

First teaser (or how to make an actress suffer)

Everything was ready for shooting; we had the brief script, the story board, the actors (although we had decided to dismiss the grandmother, since it was really hard to find someone good enough to impersonate her character, and we had also made changes on the plot), the camera and the director. The main problem remained the kitchen; apparently nobody was eager to allow us to use his or her house, and considering the mess we made afterwards, it is easy to understand.

Therefore, we decided to start with the teasers, firstable Irene's, and then mine. We didn't need many images, but we did need powerful cuts and long hours of editing. So we went to Irene's room (the scenario for the first short story) and we started recording images of the pills, her eyes widening, her attempts to wash a non-existent stain out of her face, etc. The result was surprisingly good; Irene showed herself to be a fantastic actress, but it was partly due to Laura's skill to direct the acting. While we were asking Irene what to do, we were also trying to get her on the mood; she was an imnsoniac, potentially suicidal girl who felt lonely, guilty and dirty.

Then, Laura spent some evenings editing the images with the text, and the final result was this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKPptb2jRb0

Hope you enjoy it!

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