domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

Let's get viral!

Well, we have everything: the teasers, the final scene, and our teacher's OK, at least concerning the flashbacks. What we need now is to get as much as visits as we can, and thus, considering the fact that we are running out of time and that the average YouTube viewer won't be interested in our idea, is going to be complicated. I tried to use this blog as an "advertisement" resource, to enhance the curiosity of anyone who likes digital art (I've put it pretty smugly, I know).

It has not work as I had expected, so far. Then, we also started moving our teasers (one month ago) via Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti, which is the Spanish network. We didn't get many hits, but we did get some interesting criticism: shocking, creepy and strangely powerful were some of the adjectives used to describe our idea. One viewer also told us that the first of the teasers looked a bit amateur, and gave us some good ideas for the second one. Right now the only thing left to do is trying to get all of our friends to watch our videos, sit down, and wait...

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