domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

Reflective analysis

Everything is done. Production, shooting, edition, acting, and even advertising...all of this is over. Now I would like to make a final assesment of the whole project; which, despite the fact that it hasn't gone has planned on the pitch and on the scheduled, has helped me to learn many things about creating multimedia products.

I am dissatisfied with the location. I am dissatisfied with some of the cuts of the final movie. I am very, very disappointed because we have not been able to use the grandmother character, who, in my opinion, would have added a tragic element to the story (the blind, ignorant and happy woman who ignores what's going on around her and pronounces the fatal words: "Eat, or your food is going to get cold"). I am not only dissatisfied, but even angry with how the production work has developed; not only we had ten thousand problems to coordinate all the elements of the cast but our researcher (Robert) was not able to find a proper living room. I am not very proud of my acting, either.

But let's consider the elements that make me proud of our project. First of all, this was an idea, a script that have been on my mind for a long time, and I really needed to make it work. Second, the teasers are, in my opinion, powerful, different, aesthetically challenging. The combination of words, the strong music (thanks to Noisia) and the short images made a brand new product beyond any of my ideas. Third, this project revealed all the potential of my friend Irene as an actress; I really think she does a great work, especially on the mirror scene. Finally, I most important, I learned many, many things on how difficult it is to be a producer, and how huge is the distance between an idea on paper and its final development on screen. This is the best we could do with our idea and our resources (average cameras, amateur actors, poor lights and the worst location you can imagine), and I think we've made it work, somehow. I would give the final video a 7, but I'd daresay that the teasers are worth more, as it is the original idea.

as for the most difficult part of the production, I won't hesitate to say it is Laura's work. She did amazing with the edition of the final scene, and she knew perfectly how to get Irene on the mood to make such a powerful acting. I would also say that my job (coordinating the people, finding the attrezzo, etc) was not easy, and I've decided that I definitely don't want to be a producer...but it has helped me to learn a good deal about how creating digital products works.

Then, my final evaluation can be summarized on this sentence: if you have to create a YouTube product, don't be so ambitious and just shoot some cute cats or epic fails, because not only you will save yourself a lot of trouble, but you'll also get way more visits. However, if what you really want to do is to learn about Digital aesthetics and make something personal, just chose your best idea and make it work!

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