domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

We've done it!!!

Last week for our short film to be ready, and the edition is not going as fluent as we had expected. We have already been late in all the stages of our project; first teasers, final shooting, production work...due to some unexpected problems (brief summary: I broke my ankle, Laura, who was supposed to be the camera man, burnt her hand, our actors were overloaded with work, and our location was poor). The raw footage was, as I had already said, pretty bad; the raccord was missing, the scenario lousy, and the acting...well, let's say it was amateur (especially mine, Irene was amazing).

If I didn't trust Laura's skills concerning adobe Premiere, I would probably be panicking right now. However, this morning she called from Spain to say that the final movie is ready. Let's have a look at the result:

Since our teasers have already been released and the final result is already here, I will try to give an explanation of the story, and to make our idea as clear as I can.

This really dysfunctional having is having what appears to be a calm, quiet Christmas dinner- maybe even too quiet. The father chokes to death, but no one pretends to notice and, as you can see, none of his children is going to bother and help him. The dinner continues as if nothing has happened. Suddenly, the youngest sister stands up and leave, somehow disturbed by the hypocrisy of her family. Then we can watch the first of the teasers which, no matter how abstract and conceptual you might judge it, highlights the idea of a father who abuses her daughter, disguising his lust on love and making her so unhappy she becomes an insomniac with suicidal tendencies. "This is not love, shame, touch, I'm not a liar..." are the words that, repeated over and over, create the idea of this pervert father whose  version of family love is pretty fucked up.

Then, the oldest daughter can't stand the tense silence anymore and goes to find her sister, so the second flashback appears on screen. This time her father destroyed her life by being too perfectionist on her, trying to persuade her that's she is not worth loving, and making her become an obsessive bulimic. "I'm not good enough for him", "You are nothing" or "Do not deserve to be loved" are the words that make the message somehow clear. The short movie ends with the sisters returning to the table, visibly relieved, and with the meaningful exchange of gazes and shy smiles between the sisters and the brother: the nightmare is over, he is dead.

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